When Himalayas was created God gifted it with the highest peaks and beautiful flora and fauna, but he took time to create the beautiful and magnificent flower for Sikkim to match it's beauty and it was Orchids.

Gangchung has it's history with Sherpa community living for many generations and with this the cultural heritage still prevails. Blessed with beautiful weather and the coldness of Sikkim it sits under the grace of the great hill Tendong. History states then when Temi tea estate was constructed the Sherpa community migrated to the now know Gangchung. We have kept our heritage and our history and with this we could name our vill nothing more then the beautiful Orchid which shows it's harmony as the Sherpa people inĀ  our community.

We would be pleased to have your grace with us and with your short stay we assure you the hospitality and cultural heritage you feel with us will keep you intact with love and friendship with us.